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U.S. GMO food labeling bill passes Senate

( ) – The U.S. Senate on Thursday approved legislation that would for the first time require food to carry labels listing genetically-modified ingredients, which labeling supporters say could create loopholes for some U.S. crops.

The Senate voted 63-30 for the bill that would display GMO contents with words, pictures or a bar code that can be scanned with smartphones. The U.S. Agriculture Department (USDA) would decide which ingredients would be considered genetically modified.

The measure now goes to the House of Representatives, where it is expected to pass.

Drawing praise from farmers, the bill sponsored by Republican Senator Pat Roberts of Kansas and Democrat Senator Debbie 上海夜网Stabenow of Michigan is the latest attempt to introduce a national standard that would override state laws, including Vermont’s that some say is more stringent, and comes amid growing calls from consumers for greater transparency.

“This bipartisan bill ensures that consumers and families throughout the United States will have access, for the first time ever, to information about their food through a mandatory, nationwide label for food products with GMOs,” Stabenow said in a statement.


A nationwide standard is favored by the food industry, which says state-by-state differences could inflate costs for labeling and distribution. But mandatory GMO labeling of any kind would still be seen as a loss for Big Food, which has spent millions lobbying against it.

Farmers lobbied against the Vermont law, worrying that labeling stigmatizes GMO crops and could hurt demand for food containing those ingredients, but have applauded this law.

Critics like Senator Bernie Sanders, an independent from Vermont, say the bill’s vague language and allowance for electronic labels for scanning could limit its scope and create confusion.

“When parents go to the store and purchase food, they have the right to know what is in the food their kids are going to be eating,” Sanders said on the floor of the Senate ahead of the vote.

He said at a news conference this week that major food manufacturers have already begun labeling products with GMO ingredients to meet the new law in his home state.

Another opponent of the bill, Democratic Senator Jeff Merkley of Oregon, said it would institute weak federal requirements making it virtually impossible for consumers to access information about GMOs.


Food ingr,上海夜生活去哪玩Barbara,edients like beet sugar and soybean oil, which can be derived from genetically-engine,上海夜生活网419Mabel,ered crops but contain next to no genetic material by the time they are processed, may not fall under the law’s definition of a bioengineered food, critics say.

GMO corn may also be excluded thanks to ambiguous language, some said.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) raised concerns about the involvement of the USDA in a list of worries sent in a June 27 memo to the Senate Agriculture Committee.

In a letter to Stabenow last week, the USDA’s general counsel tried to quell those worries, saying it would include commercially-grown GMO corn, soybeans, sugar and canola crops.

The vast majority of corn, soybeans and sugar crops in the United States are produced from genetically-engineered seeds. The domestic sugar market has been strained by rising demand for non-GMO ingredients like cane sugar.

The United States is the world’s largest market for foods made with genetically altered ingredients. Many popular processed foods are made with soybeans, corn and other biotech crops whose genetic traits have been manipulated, often to make them resistant to insects and pesticides.

“It’s fair to say that it’s not the ideal bill, but it is certainly the bill that can pass, which is the most important right now,” said American Soybean Association’s (ASA) director of policy communications Patrick Delaney.

The association was part of the Coalition for Safe and Affordable Food, which lobbied for what labeling supporters termed the Deny Americans the Right to Know, or DARK Act, that would have made labeling voluntary. It was blocked by the Senate in March.

U.S. lawmakers push for action on human rights in Bahrain

WASHINGTON ( ) – Seven U.S. senators urged Secretary of State John Kerry on Thursday to press Bahrain’s government to do more to promote political and social reform, adding to recent ,上海夜网千花Jackson,concern in Washington over that country’s human rights record.

The letter said the United States should be prepared to consider “tangible consequences,” including reconsidering arms sales, if a recent crackdown on opposition continues.

“Bahrain’s failure to address the l,夜上海419龙凤论坛Idris,egitimate grievances of its citizens has strained the country’s social fabric and invited outside actors to take advantage of the deteriorating situation,” six Democratic lawmakers,上海夜玩网论坛Octavia, and one Republican said in a letter to Kerry, a former Democratic senator.

“Indeed, we believe the government’s harsh crackdown on the political opposition undermines the country’s stability and plays into the hands of Iran,” they wrote, calling themselves “deeply alarmed.”

State Department spokesman John Kirby said he was aware of reports about the letter, but had not seen it.

Asked about whether U.S. arms provided to Bahrain could be used against the opposition, he said, “We always have concerns about the end use of items that are inside the foreign military sales program.”

Bahrain, which hosts the United States’ Fifth Fleet and is seen by Sunni-ruled Gulf kingdoms as a strategic bulwark against Iranian influence, drew U.S. and United Nations criticism this month when it moved to strip a top Shi’ite cleric’s citizenship and closed the main Shi’ite opposition group.

A State Department report, first reported by , found Bahrain’s national reconciliation efforts after it crushed street protests in 2011 have stalled, and said the Western ally in the Gulf has not implemented recommendations to protect freedom of expression.

“We continue to urge the government of Bahrain to reverse their recent harmful actions,” Kirby said 上海夜网a news briefing on Thursday.

Earlier this week, the State Department said Bahrain’s plan to try an activist for tweets condemning its prison system and involvement in the war in Yemen is worrisome to the United States.

The letter was led by Democratic Senator Chris Murphy and also signed by Republican Marco Rubio and Democrats Patrick Leahy, Ron Wyden, Bob Casey, Chris Coons and Tim Kaine.

It asked for more information on specific actions President Barack Obama’s administration is taking to press Bahrain’s leadership on the issue.

Briton arrested at Trump rally ‘wouldn’t hurt a fly,’ father says

DORKING, England ( ) – A man charged with trying to attack Donald Trump with a policeman’s gun found it hard to cope with life but did not have political views and was never violent, his father told British media on Tuesday.

Michael Sandford was arrested after trying to grab a police officer’s side arm at a Trump rally in Las Vegas on Saturday. When asked why, he told police: “To shoot and kill Trump,” according to U.S. court papers.

“He’s never shown any violent tendencies before. He’s never been a bad person,” his father, Paul Davey, was quoted as saying by the MailOnline website which put Sandford’s age as 20. U.S. prose,上海夜网官方网站Radley,cutors have said he is 19.

“He’s a nice kid and literally wouldn’t hurt a fly – he used to tell us not to use fly spray because he didn’t want any flies to die.”

The ,上海夜哪里艳遇Earl,Mirror newspaper’s website quoted Davey as saying his son had Asperger’s Syndrome and had left school at the age of 15 “because he couldn’t cope with it all”.

He went to the United States 18 months ago after an American girl he had met returned home, something that had made him “quite down and depressed,” Davey said.

“He’s been refusing to come back and we were worried about him, we were in contact with the American Embassy … (but) the American authorities said ‘he’s over 18 we can’t do anything.’”

Davey said someone must have coerced or “radicalised” his son into attacking the presidential candidate.

“He has never mentioned Donald Tru,上海夜生活服务Caitlin,mp. The reason it is such a shock is because he shows no interest in anything like that … I doubt he would even know who the president of the United States is.” 上海夜生活论坛

Sandford lived on his own in Dorking, a commuter town near London, in a flat in a large white house.

A local who knew Sandford’s mother, who did not want to be named, told Sandford had autism and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

“He was one of those guys who just stays in his room that’s it, wouldn’t come out,” the man said.

The U.S. court documents said Sandford had been planning to kill Trump for about a year. He had visited a gun range the day before the rally to fire a weapon for the first time.

Last week, a British member of parliament was shot and stabbed to death in the street – an incident that has shocked a country that has strict gun controls and where attacks on public figures are rare.

Media reported that Sandford and his mother had taken part in a “Robot Wars” competition where contestants operate robots trying to destroy their opponents’ machine.

A web page for the Fighting Robots Association listed Michael and Lynne Sandford and Paul Davey as owners of a number of robots, including machines named ‘Mr Nasty’, ‘X-Terminator’ and ‘Steel Avenger’.

“He was quite active in the robot community for a while – buying famous robots from the show … I then got them working for him because he had absolutely no idea about robots,” John Findlay, director of the company behind Robot Wars, told the Mirror newspaper.

“He was calm, very quiet, a little bit weird and reserved.”

Shire willing to back $64 billion Takeda bid, market signals doubts

LONDON/NEW YORK/TOKYO ( ) – Rare disease specialist Shire said on Wednesday it was willing to recommend a sweetened $64 billion offer from Japan’s Takeda Pharmaceutical Co to shareholders, in what would be the biggest acquisition of a drug company since 2000.

But Takeda’s shares extended recent losses, tumbling 7 percent as investors fretted over its ability to buy a company twice its size, raising doubts about whether Shire shareholders will accept a bid that is 56 percent in new Takeda shares.

The stock slide – 18 percent since the news of a possible bid broke – makes the cash-and-share deal less appealing to Shire shareholders, some of whom may be reluctant or unable to hold Takeda shares.

“The chances are UK shareholders in particular are not going to want Takeda shares, so there’s going to be a forced discount because some people are going to sell it,” said Neil Dwane, global strategist at Allianz Global Investors, which holds 1.1 percent of Shire, Thomson data showed.

Shire shares ended 2.8 percent down at 38.20 pounds, well below Takeda’s 49 pounds offer, signaling scepticism about the deal as Takeda’s falling stock price erodes the bid’s $64 billion headline value.

Without a deal, Shire shares could fall back to mid-Marc,上海夜网官方网站Talon,h levels of 30-32 pounds, pressuring management to find other ways to realize value. Prior to Takeda’s approach, Shire was already considering divestments and a split in its operations.

It is now four weeks since Takeda first revealed it was considering a bid and the absence of firm interest from rivals means investors see only a low chance of an interloper emerging.

GlaxoSmithKline Plc ruled itself out of the running for Shire on Wednesday, after reporting quarterly results.

The latest development, first reported by , comes after London-listed Shire rejected four previous offers from Takeda.

The fifth offer is worth 49.01 pounds per share, comprised of 27.26 pounds per share in new Takeda shares and 21.75 pounds per share in cash. That represents a 4.3 percent premium to Takeda’s fourth proposal on April 20 and an 11.4 percent premium to its first approach on March 29.


Dealmaking has surged in the drug industry this year as large players look to improve their pipelines. A Takeda-Shire deal would be the sector’s second largest ever, ranking only behind Pfizer’s p上海夜生活论坛urchase of Warner Lambert, which was completed in 2000. Including Shire’s debt, it is worth $80 billion, according to Thomson data.

Shire, a member ,上海夜网千花Radley,of Britain’s benchmark FTSE 100 stock index, said its board agreed to extend a Wednesday regulatory deadline to May 8 so Takeda can conduct more due diligence and firm up its bid. Shire added the deadline may be extended further if needed.

Any deal is subject to the resolution of several issues, including completion of due diligence by Shire on Takeda, the Dublin-based company said.

A deal would significantly boost Takeda’s position in gastrointestinal disorders, neuroscience, and rare diseases, including a blockbuster haemophilia franchise.

If successful, it would be the largest overseas acquisition by a Japanese company and propel Takeda, led by Frenchman Christophe Weber, into the top ranks of global drugmakers.

Weber, who became Takeda’s first non-Japanese CEO in 2015, has said publicly it was looking for acquisitions to reduce its exposure to a mature Japanese pharmaceutical market.

The combined company would have its primary listing in Tokyo and also offer American Depository Receipts – a move that would give Shire investors an opportunity to cash out more easily.

But the transaction would be a huge financial stretch, and Takeda investors have been skeptical about the merits of a Shire deal, given the size of the potential purchase and concerns that a large share issue will be needed to fund it.

Moody’s said the deal would pile up debt and hit Takeda’s credit ratings. “This huge acquisition bodes a spike in leverage that could result in a multi-notch downgrade,” said analyst Yukiko Asanuma.

Ambitious cost cutting is also ,上海夜网Jackson,seen as necessary to make the deal pay, and the uncertainties facing an enlarged group would spell a big change in the investment case for holding Takeda.

“Takeda’s shares have been valued for their stability and relatively high dividend,” said Daiwa Securities analyst Kazuaki Hashiguchi, adding this made them attractive even to investors without specialist knowledge of the drug sector.

Takeda, now worth $33 billion by market value, had 466.5 billion yen ($4.3 billion) in cash and short-term investments as of end-December. It said on Wednesday it intended to maintain its dividend policy and investment-grade credit rating following the deal.


Shire has long been seen as a likely takeover target.

Botox-maker Allergan Plc said last week it was considering making a rival offer, only to scrap it hours later due to pushback from shareholders. Shire was also nearly bought by U.S. drugmaker AbbVie Inc in 2014, until U.S. tax rule changes caused the deal to fall apart.

Shire traces its roots back to 1986, when it began as a seller of calcium supplements to treat osteoporosis, operating from an office above a shop in Hampshire, southern England. Since then, it has grown rapidly through acquisitions to generate revenues of about $15.2 billion last year.

But it has been under pressure in the past 12 months due to greater competition from generic drugs and debt from its $32 billion acquisition of Baxalta in 2016, a widely criticized deal.

It announced last week a sale of its oncology business to unlisted French drugmaker Servier for $2.4 billion.

($1 = 0.7170 pounds)

($1 = 108.8200 yen)

Clinton snags AFL-CIO official, former Sanders staffer, in labor…

LOS ANGELES ( ) – Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has hired two people with close ties to U.S. organized labor to try to lock down上海夜网 support from union members as Republican candidate Donald Trump makes courting working-class voters central to his campaign. 

    The two new staffers, Lori D’Orazio and Michele Gilliam, are to be deputy labor campaign directors, according to a campaign aide. D’Orazio is moving to the campaign from the biggest U.S. labor federation, the AFL-CIO. Gilliam is a former staffer for Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont, who was Clinton’s fiercest primary competitor.

    Clinton and S,上海晚上耍女人的地方Kailani,anders battled fiercely over union support during the Democratic primary, with Clinton, the presumptive nominee, ultimately securing the bulk of the national endorsements from labor unio,上海夜生活论坛Dallas,ns. But she will need to harness the on-the-ground manpower of unions in crucial battleground states ahead of November’s general election match-up with the populist pre,上海夜哪里艳遇Macey,sumptive Republican nominee, Trump. The aide said the campaign is counting on D’Orazio and Gilliam to do just that.

Although organized labor is a traditionally Democratic constituency, Trump has made a play to win over rank-and-file union members by criticizing international trade deals such as the pending Trans Pacific Partnership, which labor opposes. Even so, AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka warned last month when the federation endorsed Clinton that a Trump presidency would be disastrous for U.S. workers and vowed to mobilize the group’s resources to defeat him. 

The AFL-CIO is the largest U.S. federation of labor unions that collectively represent more than 12 million workers. Before joining the AFL-CIO, D’Orazio worked for another large U.S. union, the United Auto Workers, and Gilliam once served as an organizer for a local chapter of the Transport Workers Union.

Costa Coffee break brewing after Whitbread investors stir

LONDON ( ) – Costa Coffee will be spun off after parent Whitbread (WTB.L) yielded to pressure from hedge funds who argued it was being held back by being grouped with the Premier Inn hotel chain.

The world’s second biggest coffee chain after Starbucks Corp上海夜生活论坛 (SBUX.O) has attractive, long-term international potential, Whitbread said.

Former brewing group Whitbread will retain its Premier Inn hotels and Beefeater and Brewers Fayre restaurants once the split is completed within 24 months, a timeline which some shareholders said was longer than necessary.

Activist investors Paul Singer’s Elliott Investors and U.S.-based Sachem Head had pressured the British company to split itself up to help unlock value.

“We are confident that both Premier Inn and Costa will soon be businesses of sufficient strength, scale and capability to enable them to thrive as independent companies,” Whitbread Chief Executive Alison Brittain said.

Shares in the group, founded as a brewer in London more than 200 years ago, were unchanged at 41.86 pounds at 1250 GMT. That values the company at around 7.7 billion pounds ($10.7 billion).

They have hit one-year highs in rec,上海夜网官方网站Nala,ent days after reports said CEO Brittain believed a spin-off was inevitable.(Whitbread performance under CEO Brittain: reut.rs/2KfrYUL)

Morgan Stanley analysts said the demerger could trigger takeover interest in Costa, which they valued at about 2.6 billion pounds.

With potential takeover interest from the likes of JAB, Restaurant Brands (QSR.TO), Yum Brands (YUM.N) or Nestle, Morgan Stanley said Costa could fetch 10 percent more than that.

Analysts at brokerage Stifel wrote in a note that a buyer for Costa, with the ability to accelerate its international expansion, may emerge before the separation of the business.


Ed Meier, a manager of the Old Mutual UK Equity Income Fund, a Whitbread investor, welcomed the move, but not the 24-month timeline.

“As long-term shareholders in Whitbread we feel this is the right decision to maximize shareholder value over the medium term, though we sense allowing 24 months for the process is longer than most would have anticipated,” he said.

Elliott Advisors, in a statement, said it was pleased that Whitbread had announced a demerger and committed to doing so “as fast as practical” adding it that believes a demerger could be achieved within six months.

A source familiar with Elliott’s plans called the 24-month timeline “extreme”.

Dealing with the Whitbread pension fund would be a major factor in completing the demerger, Canaccord Genuity analysts said in a note.

The pension fund had an accounting deficit of 289 million pounds ($403 million) as of March.

Other demergers have taken far less than two years, such as Reckitt Benckiser Group (RB.L) and Indivior (INDV.L), which took five months, and Cookson Group CKSN.L and Alent ALNT.L, completed in under two months.


Costa, founded in London in 1971, has expanded rapidly since it was acquired by Whitbread in 1995. It now has more than 2,400 shops in Britain, over 1,400 stores in 31 international markets and over 8,000 Costa Express self-serve units.

Since taking the helm in 2015, CEO Brittain has driven Costa’s expansion in China, a,上海夜生活去哪玩Jackson, market where Costa’s only larger rival Star,上海夜网Lake,bucks is planning to more than triple its over 3,000-store network within a decade.

“Costa will become a listed entity in its own right and the clear market leader in the out-of-home coffee market in the UK,” she said.

“Costa will also be well positioned to build further on its strong international foundations with growth expected in China and Costa Express.”

However, over the last two years, Whitbread, like many other consumer-focused companies in Britain, has felt the pinch from higher inflation and low real wage growth in its home market.

Costa’s like-for-like sales in its British stores slipped 0.3 percent in the final quarter of the year, it said on Wednesday.

Whitbread reported a 4.5 percent rise in underlying annual profit before tax to 591 million pounds, beating a company-compiled forecast of 585 million. Costa had underlying operating profit of 159 million pounds.

($1 = 0.7167 pounds)

($1 = 0.7174 pounds)

After FBI report, Clinton aides could find it harder to get…

WASHINGTON ( ) – The FBI’s harsh criticism of Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email system as U.S. secretary of state could make it difficult for some of her closest aides to keep or renew government security clearances, but it would not affect Clinton herself if she is elected president, experts said.

Federal Bureau of Investigation Director James Comey said on Tuesday an FBI investigation had found evidence that Clinton, now the presumptive Democratic presidential candidate, and her aides “were extremely careless in their handling of very sensitive, highly classified information” at the State Department.

Comey said he would not recommend that the Justice Department bring criminal charges – a recommendation accepted by Attorney General Loretta Lynch on Wednesday – but the FBI director noted that people found to have been similarly careless often face consequences in the form of “security or administrative sanctions.”

Most administrative sanctions, anything from a reprimand to a dismissal, can’t be imposed on Clinton and three of her closest aides Cheryl Mills, Jake Sullivan and Huma Abedin as they have already left government, experts of the government’s classified information regime said.

But legal experts said that if Clinton aides were found to have treated classified material with extreme carelessness that could give the government reason to consider denying them a security clearance in the future or suspending or revoking one they may currently have.

“If the system is fair and equitable, then they should all have difficulty maintaining or obtaining a security clearance in the future,” said Mark Zaid, a Washington D.C.-based attorney who specializes in national security matters.

Steven Aftergood, a Federation of American Scientists expert on national security and classification policy, noted, however, that Comey had highlighted what he called a problematic security culture at the State Department. “So it might be hard to penalize individuals for this episode if their entire agency embraced similar practices,” Aftergood said.

A Justice Department spokesperson declined to elaborate on Comey’s statement, which did not name any of the aides. The Clinton campaign did not respond to questions about the security clearances of Clinton, Mills, Sullivan and Abedin, nor did lawyers for the three aides.

Abedin, who has been a personal aide to Clinton for about 20 years, and Sullivan, Clinton’s policy director at the State Department, sent information the government now says is classified to Clinton’s unauthorized private email account, according to email records released by the State Department.

It remains unclear if they sent any of the 110 emails that Comey said co,上海夜生活网419Paisley,ntained information that was classified at the time they were written. The only author of such emails he identified was Clinton herself.

A small number of other department colleagues sent information the government has since marked as classified to Clinto上海夜网n’s account less frequently, the records show. The government forbids handling classified government secrets outside secured channels it controls. Clinton has said she did not knowingly send or receive classified information through her private email server.

Both Abedin and Sullivan now hold senior roles in Clinton’s presidential campaign and are widely expected to join a Clinton administration if she is elected on Nov. 8.

Mills, who also passed along information the government now deems classified, has continued to work as a lawyer for Clinton but has no formal role in the campaign.,上海夜生活Kaiden, It unclear if she will seek a role in a Clinton administration.


Some presidential appointments require Senate confirmation, and lawmakers could use any past criticism of an aide’s handling of government secrets as a reason to block their appointment to a Senate-confirmed job, said William J. Leonard, a former director of the federal government’s Information Security Oversight Office.

The State Department declined to discuss individual cases and said that as a matter of policy it does not publicly disclose who has a security clearance. But it said it can apply security sanctions, such as putting a black mark on a person’s permanent personnel file that would come up in future background checks, even against former employees.

For those former officials who maintain an active security clearance, they could lose it.

“Department policy is to maintain files on personnel who are found to have mishandled information to guide current and potential future decisions about employment and security clearances,” John Kirby, a department spokesman, said in a statement.

Without knowing precisely what the FBI found about the actions of specific Clinton aides, it is impossible to say what effect there may be on their current or future security clearances.

Paul Ryan, the House Speaker and the most senior elected Republican official, said on Wednesday that Clinton should be denied the security clearance required to receive the customary intelligence briefing that government officials give to presidential nominees before the election.

Presidents and other elected national officeholders are not required to have background checks to receive government secrets, accor,上海夜生活怎么玩Oakley,ding to experts and the Central Intelligence Agency.

“It would roil our system of representative democracy if a security official could say that the president … can’t have a security clearance,” said McAdoo Gordon, an attorney with extensive experience in security clearance matters.

Flipkart yet to finalize stake sale deal with Walmart-sources

MUMBAI/BENGALURU/NEW DELHI ( ) – Indian e-commerce firm Flipkart’s board is yet to finalize a,上海高端夜生活在那里Nadine, deal to sell a controlling stake to Walmart Inc, two sources with direct knowledge of the matter said on Friday, adding a deal could just be days away.

Bloomberg reported earlier on Friday, citing unidentified sources, that Flipkart’s board had approved a deal to sell a stake of about 75 percent in the company to a group led by U.S. retail giant Walmart for about $15 billion.

A third source told that while Flipkart’s board had “in-principle” approved engaging with Walmart based on the terms of an offer before them, taxation related concerns and a few other issues need to be resolved.

The first two sources said Alphabet Inc is also likely to invest in Flipkart alongside Walmart, but terms of the deal may change. Japan’s SoftBank Group, the biggest investor in the Indian firm through its private equity fund, is considering selling its roughly 20 percent stake as part of the deal if the price is right, two other sources said.

“SoftBank does not like to be a passive investor,” one of the sources said.

had previously reported Walmart was in advanced talks with Flipkart to acquire a controlling stake in the Bengaluru-based online marketplace at a valuation of at least $18 billion.

Fl,上海夜哪里艳遇Eden,ipkart has bought back $350 million worth of shares from its investors as it seeks to convert its Singapore-incorporated company to a private limited firm, in a move that could ease the way in for a new strategic investor, regulatory filings show.

Flipkart and Alphabet did not respond to ’ requests seeking comment. Walmart and SoftBank declined to comment.


Earlier this week, Indian TV channel CNBC-TV18 reported Amazon Inc had made a formal offer to buy 60 percent of Flipkart and that it had also proposed a $2 billion breakup fee to convince Flipkart to discuss its offer.

Sources told that Amazon had shown an interest in buying Flipkart, but said a deal with Walmart was much more likely to go through. Amazon is Flipkart’s biggest rival in India.

Amazon’s move to bid for Flipkart may push up valuations of the Indian firm, but engaging with the tech giant could be fraught with risks for Flipkart, said industry insiders and lawyers.

Beyond the risk of opening its books for due diligence and exposing sensitive commercial agreements to its biggest rival in India, an Amazon-Flipkart combination could face significant antitrust hurdles, they said.

Amazon is currently seeking legal opinion to understand how the country’s antitrust regulator, the Competition Commission of India (CCI), is likely to view any deal with Flipkart, a lawyer and an industry source familiar with the matter told .

A former senior CCI official said e-commerce firms were already giving deep discounts and an Amazon-Flipkart union was likely to be in a position to sway the market their way, but the CCI could be convinced to approve a deal if both firms suggested “innovations or remedies.”

“This definitely would be a tricky case and not easy to sail through,” he added.

Amazon declined to comment on whether it had bid for Flipkart or was seeking legal opinion for a potential investment in the firm.

Flipkart, together with its fashion uni,上海新夜网龙凤Nadine,ts Myntra and Jabong, controls nearly 40上海夜生活论坛 percent of India’s online retail market, while Amazon is a close second with a 31 percent share, according to data from research firm Forrester.

Both Amazon and Flipkart are pouring billions of dollars into winning shoppers in the fast-growing market that is expected to be worth $200 billion within a decade.

Pepsi tops estimates, promises more investments in North America

( ) – PepsiCo Inc (PEP.O) reported better-than-expected quarterly revenue on Thursday as double-digit growth in developing markets offset another quarter of weak results in its North American beverage unit.

Like rival Coca-Cola (KO.N), the world’s second-biggest beverage maker is introducing new drinks to claw back ground in a U.S. market where sugary soda makers have suffered from consumers shifting toward healthier beverages, but its上海夜生活网 efforts are only slowly bearing fruit.

Sales in PepsiCo’s North America beverage unit, which accounts for nearly a third of total revenue and sells Lipton tea, Mountain Dew as well as Pepsi itself, fell by less than in previous quarters but were still down 1 percent.

Chief Executive Indra Nooyi said on a post-earnings call PepsiCo was determined to reverse three quarters of decline and would step up spending on its marquee soda brand under a new “Pepsi Generations” campaign.

Nooyi said despite a moderate increase in media spending on tradema,上海夜生活乌托邦Jacob,rk Pepsi over the past three years, the company’s market share has fallen dramatically relative to its key competitor.

“We’ll go toe-to-toe and increase our spending in colas, in particular, but we’re going to remain very responsible on pricing,” Nooyi said.

Ear,上海新夜网龙凤Barrett,lier this week, Coke’s beverage sales blew past estimates, as it introduced four new flavors of Diet Coke and saw demand for Coke Zero sugar increase.

PepsiCo’s new marketing efforts could further pressure operating profits, which have already shown weakness in its North American Frito-Lay, Quaker Foods and Beverages businesses, due to higher input costs as well as bonuses paid to employees following President Donald Trump’s Tax Cut and Jobs Act.

Shares of the Purchase, New York-based company were around 0.3 percent higher by midday, having risen as much as 1.4 percent.


In contrast to North America, first-quarter sales in Latin American markets rose 14 percent, while those in Europe and sub-Saharan Africa gained 15 percent.

Sales in Asia, the Middle East and North Africa were up 7 percent.

The company’s Frito-Lay snacking business in North America did better than beverages, rising 3.4 percent in the quarter, although it missed expectations of 4 percent growth. The Quaker business – which inc,上海夜网推油Idaleen,ludes the eponymous porridge oats – showed flat sales in North America due to cuts in pricing.

“All North American units miss (but) LatAm (was) surprisingly strong,” Evercore ISI analyst Robert Ottenstein said.

Excluding items, Pepsi earned 96 cents per share, beating analysts’ average estimate by 3 cents, according to Thomson I/B/E/S.

Total revenue rose 4.3 percent to $12.56 billion, topping analysts’ estimate of $12.40 billion.

PepsiCo also stuck to its full-year 2018 guidance.

GM abruptly replaces head of Cadillac brand

( ) – General Motors Co (GM.N) said 上海夜生活网on Wednesday that it was replacing Johan de Nysschen as head of its Cadillac brand, ahead of the launch of a new sport utility vehicle central to GM’s hopes for luxury market growth.

GM said De Nysschen will be replaced immediately by Steve Carlisle, who had most recently served as managing director of GM’s Canadian operations.

“Looking forward, the world is changing rapidly, and, beginning with the launch of the new XT4, it is paramount that we capitalize immediately on the opportunities that arise from this rate of change,” GM President Dan Ammann said,上海夜生活桑拿会所Caitlin, in a statement. “This move will further accelerate our efforts in that regard.”

De Nysschen, an outspoken executive who previously led Volkswagen AG’s Audi brand in the United ,上海夜网推油Barbara,States and then Nissan Motor Co’s (7201.T) Infiniti br,上海高端夜生活在那里Ida,and took over at the helm of Cadillac in July 2014.

De Nysschen outlined bold plans to reshape Cadillac’s lineup with a $12 billion product program. He moved Cadillac’s headquarters to New York in 2015, saying the brand’s executives should be closer to the urban customers who had for years shunned it.

De Nysschen also upset Cadillac dealers by trying to cull their numbers as part of an effort called Project Pinnacle.

Under de Nysschen, Cadillac sales worldwide grew, mainly because of increasing demand in China. The brand said global sales for the first three months of 2018 were up 22.5 percent.

In the United States, Cadillac’s second largest market to China, growth was slower. De Nysschen had bet heavily on Cadillac sedans, but as early as January 2015 GM slashed prices to move them off dealer lots. Cadillac’s U.S. sales fell 8 percent in 2017, but sedan sales plummeted 27.4 percent.

Once the top-selling luxury vehicle brand in the United States, Cadillac last year trailed

Last December, the brand’s former marketing chief resigned.

In a bid to catch up with market shifts, last summer De Nysschen said Cadillac would shrink its lineup of sedans and add sport utility vehicles and hybrid and electric vehicles.

At last month’s New York auto show, Cadillac launched a crossover called the XT4, as part of those efforts. A larger SUV with three rows of seats is due by 2019.

De Nysschen told the XT4 had been developed partly to meet growing Chinese demand for the same type of vehicle.

GM named Travis Hester, vice president for global product programs, as Steve Carlisle’s replacement in charge of GM Canada.

Exclusive: UTC set to win EU approval for $23 billion Rockwell…

BRUSSELS ( ) – U.S. aerospace and industrial company United Technologies Corp (UTX.N) is set to win EU approval for the largest aerospace deal in history, a $23 billion bid for avionics maker Rockwell Collins COL.N, people familiar with the matter said on Wednesday.

The deal, an,上海夜生活乌托邦Rae,nounced in September last year, would create a new player in the top echelon of suppliers to Boeing (BA.N), Airbus (AIR.PA), Bombardier (BBDb.TO) and other plane makers.

The takeover would give UTC, maker of ,夜上海419龙凤论坛Hallie,Pratt & Whitney jet engines, more leverage to resist pressure from plane makers seeking price cuts.

Rockwell Collins’ software capability would also give UTC an edge in data crunching that allows airlines to spot problems in engines and other components before they fail.

UTC has offered to sell assets to address the European Commission’s c,上海夜网官方网站Hal,oncerns, the people said, declining to provide details. Analysts had said the deal could face a bumpier road in the EU than in the United States because of the merged company’s size and market power.

The EU competition enforcer, which is scheduled to decide on the deal by May 4, and UTC declined to comment.

UTC cleared a hurdle last month after key client Boeing said it had provided consent to the deal after raising initial concerns. Analysts said the combined company could make more than 50 percent of the systems content on a Boeing 787 aircraft by dollar value.

A source close to Airbus上海夜生活论坛 had told it had concerns about the merger. Problems at Pratt & Whitney have delayed European aircraft deliveries, and Airbus has publicly warned UTC to focus on delivering jet engines on time.

Rockwell Collins’ COL.N businesses are in avionics, seats and plane interiors. This is the second engines-to-seating supplier deal after French jet engine maker Safran (SAF.PA) acquired seat maker Zodiac Aerospace ZODFF.PK last year.

No Doomsday scenario for Facebook as EU privacy rules kick in

FRANKFURT ( ) – As Europe nears tough new privacy rules, Facebook (FB.O) reckons the worst that could happen is that users will share less data, making it harder to target ads on the social network that raked in revenues of $12 billion in the first quarter.

That’s despite the furor sparked by its admission that the personal data of 87 million of its users was passed to a company, Cambridge Analytica, that advised U.S. President Donald Trump’s election campaign.

CEO Mark Zuckerberg was grilled for two days by U.S. lawmakers over the leak, yet he and his management team weren’t even asked by analysts about a possible clampdown by regulators after Facebook reported a 49-percent jump in first-quarter revenues.

“I don’t know that we really see a Doomsday scenario here,” Chief Financial Officer David Wehner said when asked about the worst possible outcom,上海夜网邀请码Nadia,e of the new privacy regime. There could be minor limitations to data usage that might have an impact on targeting for Facebook’s advertisers, Wehner added.

Facebook, like other consumer tech companies, has overhauled its terms of service to bring them into line with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The rules require reque上海夜生活论坛sts to gather data to be made in easily understood language, and give users greater rights over that,上海夜玩网论坛Rae, information.

Crucially, the social network has said it won’t let users opt out of targeted ads that account for most of its revenues. They will be able to limit the amount of data gathered, however, creating the potential for marginal attrition of revenues.

“The biggest risk facing Facebook is that changes from GDPR-type regulations will limit the targeting capabilities of advertisers and thus the willingness to keep spending,” said analyst Michael Nathanson of Moffett Nathanson Research.

There was no evidence that Facebook would be affected more than its digital competitors, he added in a research note: “It is probable that Facebook emerges comparatively stronger in this new world.”

Investors seemed to agree, sending Facebook shares 9 percent higher as the stock market opened on Thursday.


Analysts – both bullish and bearish – reckon Facebook is doing enough to avoid the wrath of European regulators who, when GDPR takes effect on May 25, will gain the power to fine it up to 4 percent of annual revenues for serious privacy violations.

“We think Facebook are being sincere with GDPR,” said Christopher Rossbach, chief investment officer at J. Stern & Co, who continues to rate Facebook as one of the best investments in the market today.

Facebook had made significant investments into security, safety and privacy on its platform that would, over time, increase the confidence of users and make it more enjoyable to use, he said.

Independent analyst Richard Windsor, despite being bearish, also doubts Facebook has much to fear from the GDPR regulator – Ireland’s Data Protection Commissioner (DPC) will be responsible for overseeing Facebook because its main EU office is in Dubl,上海夜生活乌托邦Pablo,in.

The Irish DPC’s annual budget for this year, of 11.7 million euros ($14.2 million), pales in comparison with Facebook’s earnings of $4.99 billion in the first quarter.

Windsor, who writes the Radio Free Mobile blog, expected concerns arising from the Cambridge Analytica case to be resolved without direct intervention.

“What Facebook may end up proposing is for users to pay for (using) it – with their personal data or in cash,” he told . “When this is cleared up the problem goes away.”

($1 = 0.8236 euros)

Outrage breaks out after Whole Foods partners with Yellow Fever eatery

LOS ANGELES ( ) – Amazon.com’s Whole Foods Market sparked social media outrage after its newest,上海夜生活男人好去处Balthazar, store in its 365 grocery chain partnered with an Asian restaurant with the r,上海夜生活乌托邦Pablo,acially charged name of Yellow Fever.

The independently owned and operated eatery – whose name is taken from the slang term for a white man’s sexual attraction to Asian women – is located in the 365 store that opened in Long Beach, California, on Wednesday.

“An Asian ‘bowl’ resto called YELLOW FEVER in the middle of whitest Whole Foods — is this taking back of a racist image or colonized mind?” Columbia University professor and author Marie Myung-Ok Lee, wrote on Twitter.

Whole Foods, which has eight stores in its 365 chai,上海夜网千花Cain,n that was launched with a no-frills concept to win over millennials, declin上海夜生活ed comment.

“Yellow Fever celebrates all things Asian: the food, the culture and the people and our menu reflects that featuring cuisine from Korea, Japan, China, Vietnam, Thailand and Hawaii,” said Kelly Kim, executive chef and co-founder of Yellow Fever, which also operates two Los Angeles-area restaurants.

“We have been a proud Asian, female-owned business since our founding over four and a half years ago in Torrance, California.”

Kim, who is Korean-American, in previous interviews said she was aware that the name choice would be attention-getting and controversial.

“One night, we just said ‘Yellow Fever!’ and it worked. It’s tongue-in-cheek, kind of shocking, and it’s not exclusive — you can fit all Asian cultures under one roof with a name like this. We just decided to go for it,” Kim told Asian American news site NextShark six months ago.

A year ago she told the Argonaut, a local Los Angeles news outlet, that Yellow Fever means “love of all things Asian” and that public push back over the name had not been as drastic as expected.

Some people on social media defended the news of the partnership with Whole Foods as part of a broader cultural trend.

“This is no more offensive than @abc naming an Asian sitcom Fresh of the Boat or FOB- which is considered racists [sic],” wrote Lorin Hart, who uses the Twitter handle @CubeProMH.

U.S. companies upbeat about business in Germany: survey

BERLIN ( ) – Some 82 percent of U.S. companies operating in Germany expect revenues to increase this year, a survey showed on Friday, despite a brewing trade conflict over the U.S. decision to impose tariffs steel and aluminum imports.

More than half of U.S. companies in the country want to hire extra employees and invest more, the poll published by the American Chamber of Commerce in Germany (AmCham Germany) showed.

President Donald Trump announced the tariffs last month, causing a global outcry. Germany, along with the rest of the European Union, has been exempted from the higher duties but so far only until May. 1, 2018.

The EU and other U.S. allies worry that the tariffs will limit the amount of their goods getting into the United States and they also fear steel barred from the United States will flood back into their markets, causing a glut.

The AmCham Germany survey found that 61 percent of the U.S. companies with operations i,上海夜哪里艳遇Fabi,n Germany want to boost their activity there in the coming three to four years.

German companies operating in the United States are also optimistic, with about 80 percent expecting rising revenues and 70 percent wanting to increase their activities there.

But they complained about a lack of planning secur上海夜生活ity in the United States, with just over half ,上海夜网千花Falkner,criticizing a lack o,上海夜生活群Jacob,f reliability in U.S. politics.

“The results show that both Germany and the USA are still highly valued locations for investment despite the current political discord,” said Bernhard Mattes, president of AmCham Germany.

“Germany attracts U.S. companies with its stable economy and strong domestic consumption. On the other side of the Atlantic measures like the U.S. tax reform have made the USA more attractive for German investors,” he added.

Earlier this year the United States slashed taxes for corporations and the wealthy while giving mixed, temporary tax relief to middle-class Americans under a $1.5 trillion reform.

On Thursday Germany’s leading economic institutes said that U.S. tariffs on steel and aluminum imports would not dampen German exports if the exemption granted to the EU expires on May 1 without a permanent solution.

Sprouts ended Amazon Prime Now delivery partnership on May 1

LOS ANGELES ( ) – Sprouts Farmers Market Inc (SFM.O) said on Thursday it ended its Prime Now delivery partnership with Amazon.com (AMZN.O) on May 1 and cut its full-year sales targets, sending shares of the U.S. supermarket chain down almost 12 percent.

The partnership was struck before Amazon bought rival specialty grocery Whole Foods Market for $13.7 billion last summer. Amazon Prime Now had delivered from 15 of its 298 Sprouts stores.

“The transition will impact comps for the next several quarters, but we remain very confident about growing our home delivery business as it brings a unique health and value proposition to our customers,” Chief Executive Amin Maredia said on a conference call with investors.

Sprouts will continue to deliver groceries through Instacart, a relationship it started at the ,上海足浴夜网联系方式Rae,beginning of the year, and expand that to its major markets.

Amazon Prime Now provides f,上海夜哪里艳遇Barbara,ree delivery, with some restrictions, for subscribers of Amazon’s $99 Prime service that also offers free video strea,上海夜生活男人好去处Lake,ming and other perks. Instacart users in Los Angeles pay a delivery fee of $5.99 to $7.99 at Sprouts, or can choose to pay a $149 membership fee.

Sprouts also cut its full-year sales forecasts.

Its new net sales forecast calls for growth in the range of 10.5 percent to 11.5 percent versus 11.5 percent to 12.5 percent previously.

For same-store sales, it forecast a rise of 1.5 percent to 2.5 percent versus 2.5 percent to 3.5 percent previously.

Shares in Sprouts fell 13 percent to $21.22 shortly before the close of trading.上海夜生活论坛

Japan’s Takeda sweetens $62 billion Shire offer

TOKYO/LONDON ( ) – Japan’s Takeda Pharmaceutical nudged up its offer for Shire to 44.3 billion pounds ($62 billion) on Friday to try to persuade the rare-disease drugs specialist into talks after it rejected three previous proposals.

Japan’s biggest drugmaker increased its potential cash and shares bid to 47 pounds a share, up 1 percent from its previous proposal of 46.50 p,上海凤楼夜网Radcliff,ounds. It also lifted the cash component by 3.25 pounds to 21 pounds a share, a shift that analysts said was needed to appeal to Shire’s shareholders.

Shire said it was considering the new approach.

The latest proposal is 7 percent above Takeda’s first offer and 58 percent above London-listed Shire’s share price prior to any takeover speculation, the Japanese firm said.

But Shire’s shares were trading at 38.42 pounds on Friday, well below the latest approach and down 3 percent on the day after another company, Allergan, decided not to pursue its own bid on Thursday, ending the prospect of a battle.

Botox-maker Allergan had seen its shares fall 7 percent after reported its interest.

Related CoverageTakeda weighs raising Shire bid to more than 47 stg/share: sources

Investors in Takeda are also cautious. Its shares lost almost 5 percent of their value on Friday as investors fretted over the Japanese firm making a record-breaking purchase of the London-listed company.

The drugs industry has seen a flurry of dealmaking across the world, as companies look for scale and for promising new assets to bolster their pipelines,上海足浴夜网联系方式Barney,.

Takeda said it wanted to work with Shire to agree a recommended deal and to allow an extension to an April 25 deadline imposed by the British regulator to make a firm offer.

“Takeda believes that the improved proposal represents a highly compelling opportunity for Shire shareholders, which reflects a further increase in value and a material increase in the cash component of the consideration mix,” it said.

Shire, which also makes drugs to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), rejected the previous three approaches, saying they significantly under上海夜生活网valued the company and the drugs it has in development.

Buying Shire would be the largest ever overseas acquisition by a Japa,上海夜网后花园Easton,nese company and propel Takeda, led by Frenchman Christophe Weber, into the top ranks of global drugmakers.

It would be Weber’s boldest move by far, significantly boosting Takeda’s position in rare diseases, including a blockbuster haemophilia franchise, gastrointestinal disorders and neuroscience, where Shire is a leader in ADHD drugs.

But it would be a financial stretch since Shire is worth a lot more than Takeda, which has a market capitalization of 4.1 trillion yen ($31 billion).

Based on Takeda’s current market value, Shire shareholders would own approximately 49 percent of the enlarged company should the latest proposal be accepted.

Factbox: FBI vs. Clinton – Seven points of contention

( ) – FBI Director James Comey undercut some of the main arguments Hillary Clinton has made in defense of her use of an unauthorized private email system while she was U.S. secretary of state.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation began investigating Clinton’s email system after government watchdogs found that some of her messages contained classified government secrets last year.

Comey is recommending that Clinton not face criminal charges. But in an unusual step, he used a news conference to give a public rebuttal on Tuesday of the defenses offered by Clinton over the last year. Here are seven times that Comey contradicts Clinton:


Clinton said:

Clinton said in March 2015 that she returned “anything that could be possibly viewed as work related.” She later swore under oath that she returned all her work emails to the State Department in 2014, some 30,000 in all.

Comey said:

The FBI recovered “several thousand” work emails that were not returned to the State Department. Comey has “reasonable confidence” that there was no deliberate effort to withhold these messages.


Clinton said:

Clinton has repeatedly said she did not send or receive any classified information through her private email system, and that emails being released to the public that were now marked classified were being re,上海夜生活网交流Easton,troactively “upgraded.”

Comey said:

The FBI found 110 emails in 52 email chains that contained information that was classified at the time the messages were sent. Eight of those chains contained Top Secret information, the highest level of government c上海夜生活网lassification; another 36 chains contained Secret information, and eight contained confidential information.


Clinton said:

Clinton has repeatedly said she did not send or receive any emails that were “marked” classified.

Comey said:

A “very small number” of emails were marked as containing classified information. “But even if information is not marked ‘classified’ in an email, participants who know or should know that the subject matter is classified are still obligated to protect it,” Comey said.


Clinton said:

The “security and integrity” of the email system were taken seriously, and “robust protections” were put in place, according to her staff in March 2015.

Comey said:

The system was “not even supported by full-time security staff, like those found at departments and agencies of the U.S. government, or even with a commercial service like Gmail.”


Clinton said:

Clinton said there is no evidence there was ever a breach of her email system.

Comey said:

It would be unlikely to find “direct evidence” of Clinton’s email system being hacked, but the FBI believes “it is possible that hostile actors gained access.” “Hostile actors” also gained access to some people Clinton corresponded with on her email system.


Clinton said:

“I’m certainly well,上海夜网推油Paisley, aware of,上海晚上耍女人的地方Falkner, the classification requirements,” Clinton said in March 2015.

Comey said:

Clinton and her colleagues were “extremely careless in their handling of very sensitive, highly classified information.”


Clinton said:

Clinton has maintained that her email system was allowed and that she did nothing wrong. She has also said it was a “mistake” and apologized for it.

Comey said:

There is no evidence that Clinton and her colleagues intended to break the law, but people who engage in similar activity are “often subject to security or administrative sanctions.”

Lawmakers vote down LGBT rights measure

WASHINGTON ( ) – Shouts of “Shame, shame, shame,” erupted in the U.S. House of Representatives on Thursday as Republican lawmakers narrowly defeated legislation to protect the civil rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender employees of government contractors.

The measure, ,上海夜生活乌托邦Octavien,an amendment to a veterans and military construction spending bill introduced by New York Democrat Sean Maloney, initially had enough “yes” votes to pass, according to the count in the House chamber.

But House Republican leaders extended the time allowed for the vote as they urged enough party members to change their positions to defeat it by a vote of 213 to 212.

All 183 Democrats who voted backed the amendment, joined by 29 Republicans. All 213 “no” votes were from Republicans. Eight House members – three Republicans and five Democrats – did not vote. Lawmakers are allowed to change their vote in the few minutes between voting and the result being declared.

LGBT rights have been a hot-button issue during the 2016 el,上海夜网后花园Gabriel,ection season. National politics have featured debate over whether making cakes for same-sex couples violates bakers’ religious freedom or whether the government should decide which public bathrooms are used by transgender people.

Democrats chanted “Shame, shame, shame,” at Republicans. “House Republicans are so committed to discriminating against LGBT Americans, that they broke regular order to force their members to reverse their votes and support Republicans’ bigotry,” Nancy Pelosi, the House Democratic leader, said in a statement.

Republicans who backed the provision said it was necessary to protect the religious rights of military contractors and not intended to be discriminatory.

Thursday’s emotionally-charged vote came hours after the House late on Wednesday passed a $602 billion defense authorization,上海夜生活桑拿会所Sabrina, bill that included “religious freedom” language that critics said would allow contractors to discriminate against LGBT individuals.

The House Rules committee had angered Democrats by voting along party lines late on Tuesday not to allow a vote on an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act that would have eliminated that language.

The House also backed by 265-159 a separate Democratic amendment to the spending bill that limits the display of the Confederate battle flag on flagpoles at federal veterans’ cemeteries.

The measure angered some conservative Republicans from southern states, who argue that the flag is a symbol of their heritage.

Some lawmakers have been seeking to limit displays of the Confederate b上海夜生活论坛anner since a racially motivated murder of nine black parishioners at a church in Charleston, S.C. last year.

State Department to conduct internal probe of Clinton email case

WASHINGTON ( ) – The U.S. State Department said on Thursday it will conduct an internal revi上海夜生活论坛ew of whether Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and her aides mishandled classified information, after the Justice Department declined to bring criminal charges.

The State Department said in April it had suspended plans for an internal review at the request of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, which conducted a yearlong probe of Clinton’s use of private email servers while she was secretary of state.

“Given the Department of Justice has now made its announcement, the State Depar,上海021夜网Nadia,tment intends to conduct its internal review,” State Department spokesman John Kirby said in a statement.

“I cannot provide specific information,上海夜生活乌托邦Hadleigh, about the Department’s review, including what information we are evaluating. We will aim to be as expeditious as possible, but we will not put artifici,上海足浴夜网联系方式Idaleen,al deadlines on the process,” he said.

On Wednesday, U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch said she would accept the recommendations of the FBI not to bring criminal charges against Clinton, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee for the Nov. 8 election.

FBI Director James Comey said on Tuesday Clinton had been “extremely careless” in the handling of classified information, and Republicans have criticized the decision not to prosecute.

Comey told a congressional hearing on Thursday that FBI employees who mishandled classified material in the way Clinton did as secretary of state could be subject to dismissal or loss of security clearance.

First brokerages predict Amazon will top $1 trillion in value

( ) – Two major Wall Street brokerages were the first to value Amazon.com Inc (AMZN.O) in excess of $1 trillion on Friday afte,上海夜生活网419Sabine,r another set of blockbuster quarterly results for the online shopping behemoth.

Analysts at Macquarie and Monnes, Crespi, Hardt and Co, respectively, raised their price targets to $2,100 and $2,200, valuing the company at $1.02 trillion and $1.07 trillion.

Investors have been debating for months which of the United States’ tech sector heavyweights – Alphabet Inc (GOOGL.O), Apple Inc (AAPL.O) and Amazon – would be first to top a $1 trillion.

A rough ride over the past month sparked by the Cambridge Analytica scandal and broader weakness in the stock market had appeared to delay that milestone.

But a more than doubling of profits in the first quarter by billionaire Jeff Bezos’ online retailer, and an 8 percent rise of its shares on Friday may put it back on the table.

“We believe that even with,上海会所夜网Easton,out margin expansion in core retail, the other businesses can drive significant profit growth over the coming years and will make AMZN the first trillion dollar company,” Macquaire anal,上海夜网官方网站Octavia,yst Benjamin Schachter said.

Schachter is rated five stars for both his recommendat上海夜生活ions and estimates of Amazon, according to Thomson data.