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Amazon launches new app feature targeting international shoppers

( ) – Amazon.com Inc (AMZN.O) announced a new feature within its Amazon shopping app to cater to international customers shopping for U.S. goods, targeting Brazil, China, Germany and Sp,上海夜网推油Hallie,anish-speaking,夜上海论坛Tabitha, markets.

International shipping is already an option on many orders from Amazon’s U.S. website but the new services are aimed at easing the process. The feature, which was announced late on Tuesday, will display pricing, shipping costs and import duty estimates, with Amazon managing courier services and customs clearance.

In a statement, Amazon said customers using the new function will be able to shop in five languages – English, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, German, and Brazilian Portuguese – and will be able to make purchases in 25 currencies.

That task may be easier said that done in Braz,上海高端夜生活在那里Pablo,il, Latin America’s largest economy, where Amazon has shown signs in recent months of expanding its local operations significantly.

While the country of more than 200 million people is seen as an emerging battleground for the e-commerce industry, its customs system and import taxes are notoriously costly and bureaucratic.

Amazon rival Alibaba G上海夜网roup Holding Ltd (BABA.N) has faced a number of issues trying to streamline imports into Brazil in recent years, which have limited its ambitions there.

Factbox – VW’s ex-CEO indicted: Who else is under investigation?

BERLIN ( ) – The U.S. Justice Department has filed criminal charges against former Volkswagen AG (VW) (VOWG_p.DE) Chief Executive Martin Winterkorn, accusing him of conspiring to cover up the German automaker’s diesel emissions cheating.

The indictment reopens the question of whether other senior VW executives knew about the scandal, which has dogged Europe’s biggest automaker,上海夜生活网交流Eden, for more than 2-1/2 years and led to a regulatory crackdown that is threatening thousands of jobs as customers increasingly shun diesel-powered cars.

The indictment of Winterkorn, who resigned days after the scandal became public in September 2015, is likely to be largely symbolic. Resident in Munich, VW’s former CEO is currently in Germany which does not extradite its citizens to non-European Union countries, its Justice Ministry said on Friday.

VW had initially suggested only lower-level managers knew of the cheating. But the indictment alleges Winterkorn agreed with other senior VW executive,上海夜网官方网站Dahlia,s “to continue to perpetrate the fraud and deceive U.S. regulators”.

A lawyer for Winterkorn in Germany did not immediately comment. Winterkorn in January 2017 told German lawmakers he had not been informed of the cheating early, and would have halted it had he been aware.

Here are the details of who is investigating and who is being investigated as part of the “Dieselgate” scandal in both Germany and the United States:


The bulk of “Dieselgate” lawsuits are being handled by prosecutors in Braunschweig where four separate sets of criminal proceedings are being conducted against current and former managers of VW, headquartered in nearby Wolfsburg.

Some 39 individuals including Winterkorn are being investigated over suspected emissions fraud, with the former CEO also being probed for suspected market manipulation together with Hans Dieter Poetsch, the group’s former finance chief who is now supervisory board chairman, and Herbert Diess, now group CEO who joined the firm in July 2015 as head of the VW brand.

The manipulation refers to allegations that VW delayed disclosing market-sensitive information related to its cheating.

Neither Poetsch nor Diess have publicly commented on the investigations, but VW has said it considers the proceedings to be unfounded.

Br上海夜生活aunschweig prosecutors are also investigating seven people over sus,上海夜生活桑拿会所Nadia,pected falsification of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions and data deletion.

Prosecutors in Munich, state capital of Bavaria where VW’s Audi brand is based, are investigating 18 current and former employees of the premium carmaker over suspected manipulation of diesel engines.

A former Audi engine chief who subsequently became a member of the executive board of VW’s sports-car brand Porsche was arrested last year and remains in custody. Audi is suspected of having created the so-called defeat devices years before parent VW used them to cheat emissions tests. Audi denies this.

Prosecutors in Stuttgart, home to Porsche, are investigating Matthias Mueller – group CEO between Winterkorn and Diess – as well as Winterkorn and Poetsch over suspected market manipulation. The three sat on the executive board of VW’s majority stakeholder Porsche SE’s (PSHG_p.DE) when the alleged violation of Germany’s securities trading law took place.

Stuttgart prosecutors are also investigating three current or former employees of sports-car maker Porsche. These include development chief Michael Steiner and head of powertrain development Joerg Kerner, sources familiar with the matter have said. Porsche has denied the prosecutors’ accusations against all suspects. Steiner and Kerner couldn’t be reached for comment.


In total, nine people have been charged and two former VW executives have pleaded guilty and been sentenced to prison terms. One Italian citizen, former Audi manager Giovanni Pamio, is in Germany awaiting extradition. Pamio’s lawyers have said he is cooperating with prosecutors and has denied the allegations.

Six former senior VW managers charged, including Winterkorn and ex-VW brand development chief Heinz-Jakob Neusser, are believed to be in Germany and have avoided facing U.S. prosecutors. Neusser’s lawyer has declined to comment on the charges.

Exclusive: OPEC’s new price hawk Saudi Arabia seeks oil as high as…

DUBAI/LONDON ( ) – Top oil exporter Saudi Arabia would be happy to see crude rise to $80 or even $100 a barrel, three industry sources said, a sign Riyadh will seek no changes to an OPEC supply-cutting deal even though the agreement’s original target is within sight.

The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries, Russia and several other producers beg,上海会所夜网Gabrielle,an to reduce supply in January 2017 in an attempt to erase a glut. They have ext,上海夜哪里艳遇Pamela,ended the pact until December 2018 and meet in June to review policy.

OPEC is closing in on the original target of the pact – reducing industrialized nations’ oil inventories to their five-year average. There is no indication yet, however, that Saudi Arabia or its allies want to wind down the supply cut.

Over the past year, Saudi Arabia has emerged as OPEC’s leading supporter of measures to boost prices, a change from its more moderate stance in earlier years. Iran, once a keen OPEC price hawk, now wants lower prices than Saudi Arabia.

Industry sources have linked this shift in Saudi Arabia’s stance to its desire to support the valuation of state oil company Aramco ahead of the kingdom’s planned sale of a minority stake in an initial public offering.

The supply cut has helped boost oil prices this year to $73 a barrel, the highest since November 2014. Oil began a slide from above $100 – a price that Saudi Arabia endorsed in 2012 – in mid-2014, when growing supply from rival sources such as U.S. shale began to swamp the market.

But the kingdom wants the rally to go further. Two industry sources said a desired crude price of $80 or even $100 was circulated by senior Saudi officials in closed-door briefings in recent weeks.

“We 上海夜生活have come full circle,” a separate high-level industry source said of the change in Saudi thinking. “I would not be surprised if Saudi Arabia wanted oil at $100 until this IPO is out of the way.”

Once the Aramco share sale is done, Riyadh would still want higher prices to help fund initiatives such as Vision 2030, an economic reform plan championed by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

“Saudi Arabia wants higher oil prices and yes, probably for the IPO, but it isn’t just that,” an OPEC source said.

“Look at the economic reforms and projects they want to do, and the war in Yemen. How are they going to pay for all that? They need higher prices.”

To be sure, OPEC and Saudi Arabia have no official price target and say the objective of the production cut is to balance supply and demand, and reduce the inventory glut.

But guidance on preferred price levels comes from officials speaking off the record, and from industry sources who have discussed the issue with Saudi officials.

“I personally think that now $70 is the floor for oil prices,” a second OPEC source said. “But OPEC is unlikely to make any changes in June, maybe by the end of the year. The market still needs support.”


OPEC and its partners meet on June 22 to review policy and before then a ministerial monitoring panel gathers in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, on April 20.

By OPEC’s parameters, the deal has worked. Oil stocks in developed economies in February stood a mere 43 million barrels above the latest five-year average, down from 340 million barrels above in January 2017.

The cuts have been even bigger than those specified in the deal, thanks in part to a slide in Venezuelan production due to an economic crisis in the South A,上海夜生活桑拿会所Lark,merican country.

Compliance has reached 150 percent, according to OPEC, meaning the organization’s members have cut production by about 1.8 million barrels per day, 600,000 bpd more than pledged.

Few OPEC sources call for an exit strategy. Most officials are talking of introducing additional inventory metrics to assess the success of the deal, and of a need to support investment in new production to avert any supply crunch.

The impression is that oil prices are seen as not yet high enough to encourage sufficient oil investment.

“We will know what will be the good price when the market is balanced and we have enough investments,” the United Arab Emirates’ energy minister, Suhail al-Mazroui, told last week. “We need to have more investments coming.”

The Jeddah meeting of the Joint Ministerial Monitoring Committee is unlikely to change the parameters for assessing the deal’s success, Mazroui and other OPEC officials said, and sources see little chance of a major tweak in June.

“Even if we reach the five-year average before June, it does not mean we just go and open the taps,” a third OPEC source said. “We have to test it.”

Outrage breaks out after Whole Foods partners with Yellow Fever eatery

LOS ANGELES ( ) – Amazon.com’s Whole Foods Market sparked social media outrage after its newest,上海夜生活男人好去处Balthazar, store in its 365 grocery chain partnered with an Asian restaurant with the r,上海夜生活乌托邦Pablo,acially charged name of Yellow Fever.

The independently owned and operated eatery – whose name is taken from the slang term for a white man’s sexual attraction to Asian women – is located in the 365 store that opened in Long Beach, California, on Wednesday.

“An Asian ‘bowl’ resto called YELLOW FEVER in the middle of whitest Whole Foods — is this taking back of a racist image or colonized mind?” Columbia University professor and author Marie Myung-Ok Lee, wrote on Twitter.

Whole Foods, which has eight stores in its 365 chai,上海夜网千花Cain,n that was launched with a no-frills concept to win over millennials, declin上海夜生活ed comment.

“Yellow Fever celebrates all things Asian: the food, the culture and the people and our menu reflects that featuring cuisine from Korea, Japan, China, Vietnam, Thailand and Hawaii,” said Kelly Kim, executive chef and co-founder of Yellow Fever, which also operates two Los Angeles-area restaurants.

“We have been a proud Asian, female-owned business since our founding over four and a half years ago in Torrance, California.”

Kim, who is Korean-American, in previous interviews said she was aware that the name choice would be attention-getting and controversial.

“One night, we just said ‘Yellow Fever!’ and it worked. It’s tongue-in-cheek, kind of shocking, and it’s not exclusive — you can fit all Asian cultures under one roof with a name like this. We just decided to go for it,” Kim told Asian American news site NextShark six months ago.

A year ago she told the Argonaut, a local Los Angeles news outlet, that Yellow Fever means “love of all things Asian” and that public push back over the name had not been as drastic as expected.

Some people on social media defended the news of the partnership with Whole Foods as part of a broader cultural trend.

“This is no more offensive than @abc naming an Asian sitcom Fresh of the Boat or FOB- which is considered racists [sic],” wrote Lorin Hart, who uses the Twitter handle @CubeProMH.

Ex-California lawmaker to plead guilty in corruption case: prosecutors

LOS ANGELES ( ) – A former California state senator accused of taking cash bribes and gifts from a businessman and from undercover FBI agents posing as Hollywood filmmakers to steer legislation in their favor has agreed to plead guilty to mail fraud, federal prosecutors said on Monday.

Ronald Calderon, 58, a Democrat indicted in February 2014 on two dozen counts of bribery, fraud, money laundering and other charges, will enter his guilty plea this week, a spokesman for the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Los Angeles said.

According to the plea agreement, prosecutors have agreed not to ask for a sentence of more than 70 months, although the statutory maximum for the charge is 20 years.

Calderon’s attorney, Mark Geragos, could not be reached for comment.

The former lawmaker’s brother, former state Assemblyman Thomas Calderon, pleaded guilty last week to a federal money-laundering charge in connection with the case.

The Calderon brothers were members of a political dynasty going back several decades in California before they were ensnared in the federal investigation.

,上海021夜网Kai,“The Calderons have acknowledged their roles in a bribery scheme in which money for them and their families alone was driving legislation that would have benefited only a few individuals,” U.S. Attorney Eileen Decker said.

The 2014 indictment accused Ronald Calderon of taking bribes from California hospital owner Michael Drobot to preserve a legislative loophole that a,上海夜生活怎么玩Landon,llowed Drobot to defraud the state’s healthcare system out of hundreds of millions of dollars.

According to the plea agreement, filed in U.S. District Court in Los Angeles on Monday, Drobot hired Calderon’s son while he was in college, paying him some $30,000 for three summers of work.

Drobot has agreed to plead guilty to separate federal charges and is cooperating in the case, prosecutors have said.

Calderon was also charged with accepting money from undercover FBI agents, who he thought worked for an independent Hollywood movie studio, in exchange for supporting an expansion of film tax credits in California.

According to the plea agreement, Calderon had the undercover agent hire his daughter for $3,000 a month, make a $5,000 payment toward his son’s tuition, pay for $12,000 in Las Vegas trips and give $25,000 to a nonprofit group the lawmaker and his brother us,上海夜生活群Quaid,ed to pay themselves.

In exchange, Calderon agreed to vote for the film tax le上海夜生活gislation and hire the undercover agent’s purported girlfriend for his staff, according to the plea agreement.

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U.S. judge approves gun maker Remington’s bankruptcy plan

NEW YORK ( ) – Weapons manufacturer Remington Outdoor Com,上海夜网Larissa,pany Inc won approval for its bankruptcy plan on Wednesday, paving the way for the company to slash debt, boost its cash position and better weather the uncertain climate for firearms in the United States.

Remington filed for bankruptcy in March with a deal in hand to cut its debt by about $775 million, a little more than one month after a school shooting in Parkland, Florida.

The shooting sparked protests and a wave of retailers and corporations to limit sales and transactions relating to firearms. Mass discounter Walmart Inc (WMT.N), which Remington is reliant on for sales, said it would stop selling guns to people under 21 years old.

Remington will exit bankruptcy as soon as this month, with some of its creditors, including JPMorgan Chase & Co(JPM.N) and Franklin Advisors, taking ownership stakes in the company in exchange for forgiving debt. Cerberus Capital Management L.P., Remington’s current private equity owner, will give up its equity in the restructuring.

The company confirmed in a statement that its expects to emerge from bankruptcy before the end of May.

Remington will then have a new Asset Based Loan (ABL) facility of $193 million, the proceeds o,上海新夜网龙凤Cain,f which will refinance the existing ABL facility in full.

“I’m satisfied there’s sufficient creditor support to win confirmation,” Judge Brendan Shannon said in U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware. Remington filed a so-called pre-packaged bankruptcy, meaning it had largely won the support of its creditors before it filed in court.

Remington’s creditor committee, compos上海夜生活论坛ed of a representative for its pension and plaintiffs in cases against the company for gun injuries and deaths, supported the bankruptcy plan, an attorney for the group told Shannon.

“I want to especially thank our dedicated employees spread across the United States that have remained focused on Remington throughout this process” said Chief Executive Anthony Acitelli.

The company’s bankruptcy plan allows for lawsuits against it to continue, including one filed by the families of the victims of the Sandy Hook, Connecticut, school shooting. One of its rifles was used in the 2012 shooting.

Gun sales fell after President Donald Trump was elected because firear,上海夜生活论坛Naia,m enthusiasts were no longer worried about increased regulation. That dynamic led in part to Remington’s bankruptcy filing.

U.S. fund managers brace for trade war with focus on pricing power

NEW YORK ( ) – Investors’ fears of an all-out trade war between the United States and China is prompting U.S. stock fund managers to hunt for companies that can easily pass on higher costs to their consumers.

So far, domestic small-to-mid-cap companies that get most of their revenues at home have weathered prospects of higher trade costs the best, with the Russell 2000 index of smaller companies up 2.8 percent for the year, nearly double the 1.5 percent gain in the larger-cap and more internationally-exposed S&P 500 index over the same time.

Yet fund managers from firms including Villere & Co, Hodges Capital and BMO Global Asset Management say that a trade war would likely push inflation higher, eating into the margins of even those domestic companies that get no revenues overseas.

Instead of focusing on the geographic source of revenues, these managers say that they are targeting firms that have dominant niches or intellectual property that will allow them to protect or even expand their margins at a time of rising costs.

“We’re focusing on the companies that regardless of the type of inflation – whether it’s commodities or trade or something else – can pass on those costs because they have some sort of structural advantage,” said Eric Marshall, a portfolio-manager at Dallas-based Hodges Capital.

Marshall has been adding to his position in Texas Instruments Inc (TXN.O), for example, because the firm’s chips are used in high-end, high-demand products such as iPhones and self-driving cars. Shares of the company are flat for the year after its most recent earnings report failed to beat Wall Street estimates for the first time in two years, but Marshall said that he expects its revenue to continue to grow at above-market rates.

“They have the better mousetrap and if there are additional tariffs to bring its products back then they will be well positioned to pass those costs on,” he said.

U.S,上海足浴夜网联系方式Gabrielle,. President Donald Trump has threatened to impose tariffs on $150 billion in Chinese imports to the United States to punish China for what government officials regard as Beijing’s predatory industrial policies and abuse of U.S. intellectual property. Beijing has vowed to retaliate.

A trade war between the two countries would lop 0.7 percent off of the U.S. GDP and push inflation up 0.1 percent, according to estimates from MSCI. That, in turn, would sink U.S. stocks by

about 5 percent, the firm estimates, a fall it says may already be priced into the market. Should other countries also raise tariffs, then U.S. stocks could drop by another 10 percent.

In the “Beige Book,” a survey of current U.S. economic conditions released Wednesday, the Federal Reserve noted that it had received scattered reports of companies successfully passing on prices in the manufacturing, information technology, transportation, and construction industries.


Lamar Villere, a portfolio manager at New Orleans-based Villere & Co, said that he has been reducing his exposure of s,上海夜生活怎么玩Nadine,mall and mid-cap companies with international revenues and is focusing more on those that dominate their domestic niche in order to offer protection from the effects of tariffs.

He has been adding to his position in companies such as Pool Corp (POOL.O), the country’s largest supplier of residential pool supplies, in large part because it has few competitors that will be able to undercut it on prices, he said. Shares of the company are up 12.5 percent for the year to date.

He also has been adding to online higher education company 2U Inc (TWOU.O) and Axon Enterprise Inc (AAXN.O), the parent company behind the Taser brand of non-lethal weapons and body cameras used by police departments, because both are dominant players that also have recurring revenue streams from long-term contracts.

Shares of 2U are up 34.8 percent for the year, while shares of Axon are up 63 perce,上海夜生活服务Dahlia,nt for the year to date.

“The companies that are going to be ab上海夜网le to withstand this are the ones that have a sort of moat around their businesses,” he said.

Not all fund managers are as convinced that the Trump administration’s threats, which pushed the benchmark S&P 500 down more than 10 percent to enter a correction in February, will become a reality.

Margie Patel, a senior portfolio manager at Wells Fargo Funds, said that she expects to see little to no effect from trade tariffs and has been adding to companies such as PNC Finiancial Services Group Inc (PNC.N) that have sold off in the market downturn.

“I think at the end of the day that virtually all of the ‘trade war’ effects will be negotiated away and the true economic impact on industries as well as specific companies will be very small, so I haven’t factored the impact of any trade war considerations into my portfolio,” she said.

‘Small-town kids’ shape future of China’s consumption

XINXIANG, China ( ) – The bright lights of Beijing or Shanghai have never held much allure for Wu To上海夜生活ngxu, a 24-year-old civil servant earning a modest salary in the nondescript city of Xinxiang in China’s central Henan province.

B,上海夜生活服务Nadia,ut his lifestyle is anything but parochial.

Wu drives a 370,000 yuan ($58,800) Cadillac sedan, owns a downtown apartment and dines out at restaurants. He can sometimes be found at rock concerts in Hong Kong or on jaunts up Mount Fuji in Japan – financed by his doting parents.

“If I were to live in Beijing or Shanghai, I’d never be able to afford the lifestyle I’m having now,” said Wu.

Until now, China’s consumption has been led by residents of the capital and free-spending coastal cities. But the hinterland has been catching up fast, transformed by industrialization and rapid urbanization in the last 10 years.

In 2016-2020, around 50 million households will enter the middle and upper classes, with half of them likely to be located outside China’s top 100 cities, according to a report by The Boston Consulting Group and AliResearch, a unit of the e-commerce giant Alibaba (BABA.N).

That transformation has already helped spur a spe,上海高端夜生活在那里Dahlia,nding surge in the hinterland.

In a report by UnionPay/JD.COM, consumption in third- and fourth-tier cities, generally cities with gross domestic product of less than $70 billion, soared 58 percent last year. Taken together, the cities have a total population of nearly 700 million.

Much of that spending is happening in cities like Xinxiang, a city of 6 million, that has benefited in recent years from the rapid development of nearby Zhengzhou, Henan’s capital.

The rise of cities like Xinxiang has coincided with soaring living costs in big metropolises, particularly over the past 18 months as rents hit historic highs.

Beijing and Shanghai are also tightening controls on migrants in an effort to control urban sprawl and curb the growth of their 20 million-plus populations.

As a result, so-called “small-town kids” around the country are increasingly staying in their hometowns.

They are splurging on cars, fashion and entertainment, reshaping China’s consumption landscape as their peers in Shanghai and Beijing contend with high living costs.

Retail sales in Xinxiang soared 12 percent last year, exceeding Beijing’s growth of 5.2 percent. Xinxiang’s gross domestic product,上海夜玩网论坛Octavia, (GDP) was about 240 billion yuan ($38 billion) last year.


For decades, migrants from smaller cities headed for large urban centers where the country’s economic boom first took root.

That is changing.

In Xinxiang, some 90 percent of millennials are staying put in the city, its mayor, Wang Dengxi, said in a statement, when asked by about demographic changes in the city.

That sort of shift has attracted companies like H&M (HMb.ST), Fast Retailing (9983.T), JD.com (JD.O), China Evergrande Group (3333.HK) and Dalian Wanda Group.

Magnus Olsson, the country manager for H&M China, said in March that the fashion retailer is looking to improve brand recognition in cities where it is not present. [nL8N1R34B6]

Morgan Stanley expects China’s private consumption market will more than double to $11.8 trillion in 2030, from $4.7 trillion currently, with two-thirds of the increase coming from third- and fourth-tier cities.

A survey of over 3,300 households showed that compared with big cities, third- and fourth-tier city residents are more inclined to spend on leisure travel, cars and online entertainment, according to Robin Xing, chief China economist at Morgan Stanley. He added that much of the spending was led by millennials.

More than 32 percent of General Motors’ Cadillac sales in China in the first quarter were in third- and fourth-tier cities, GM said in a statement, while about 45 percent of its customers are between 25 and 34 years old.

“Many locals here drive Cadillacs,” said Wu in Xinxiang, sporting a pair of trendy black-rimmed glasses. “Now, I want to buy a Tesla (TSLA.O).”

Small-town kids also spend more money on online games and live-streaming websites than their peers in first-tier cities, a report by the internet giant Tencent (0700.HK) shows.

This has also led to a cinema boom in lower-tier cities. Box office receipts in third- and fourth-tier cities rose 22 percent last year, surpassing the 11 percent growth in first- and second-tier cities, according to calculations by , based on data from the online ticketing service provider Maoyan.

China Evergrande Group (3333.HK) is aiming to build 200 cinemas nationwide in the next five years.

In Xinxiang, millennials are also swarming new western-styled bars and clubs at night.

Tian Zeng, a coffee shop owner, frequently hits the bars with his wife and their friends after a night out in the movies.

“My philosophy towards life is to enjoy it to the fullest, so I spend money as long as it makes me happy,” the 30-year-old said.


Much of the spending power in China’s lower-tier cities comes from rising property values over two decades, analysts say.

An analysis of 45 Chinese cities of all tiers by Haitong Securities showed a 1 percent increase in property prices in relatively cheap markets brought about a 7.9 percent increase in local consumption growth in 2016.

Rising property prices have also enriched older Chinese people, like Wu’s parents, many of whom are happy to finance the lifestyle of their often only child, according to interviews with over a dozen young people in Xinxiang.

Many young people are also finding their own business opportunities at home.

Li Jiao, who owns four apartments, started renting them out under Airbnb last year.

Li, 24, who holds a master’s degree from the University of Manchester, said business is so brisk that she is considering hiking rental fees to 300 yuan a night from 250 yuan, almost on par with prices in cities like Beijing.

“A lot of my renters are local students here who have been longing to try something new and different,” she said.

($1 = 6.2911 Chinese yuan renminbi)

UK on Trump invite to 10 Downing Street: Not just yet

LONDON/WASHINGTON – Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump said on Friday that British Prime Minister David Cameron had asked him to visit, but a UK spokesman said no invitation had been extended.

The apparent crossed signals were the latest sign of tension between the presumptive Republican Party nominee and the leader of a major U.S. ally, who has criticized Trump’s call for a temporary ban on Muslims entering the United States.

Trump, in a morning interview with MSNBC, said Cameron extended the invitation to visit 10 Downing Street two days ago and that he “might do it.” He gave no other details.

A spokesman for Cameron’s office said it was a longstanding practice for the prime minister to meet with the Republican and Democrat presidential nominees if they visited Britain.

“Given the parties have yet to choose their nominees, there are no confirmed dates for this,” the spokesman said.

However, a Downing Street source said a formal invite would not be sent out to presidential ca,上海夜生活群Macey,ndidates.

Trump’s comments followed a transatlantic exchange between the two men over Cameron’s criticism.

In December, Cameron called Trump “divisive, stupid and wrong” and suggested Trump would unite Britain against him if he visited the United Kingdom.

After Trump clinched his party’s nomination this month, Cameron acknowledged the achievement but said he stood by his earlier,上海会所夜网Landon, comments and would not apologize.

Trump fired back this week, saying on Monday that he was likely not to have a goo上海夜网d relationship with Cameron. But the next day he said he expected to have “a good relationship” and on Friday Trump said Cameron had invited him to London.

“I will do just fine with David Cameron. I think he’s a nice guy. I will do just fine,” Trump told MSNBC. “But they have asked me to visit 10 Downing Street – and I might do it.”

Cameron has said he will work with the winner of the Nov. 8 U.S. presidential election and is committed to maintaining the special U.S.-UK relationship, his spokesman has said.

Trump’s proposed ban also drew criticism from Sadiq Khan, who was elected mayor of London this month and is the first Muslim to hold the post,上海021夜网Sabrina,. Khan said last week that Trump’s “ignorant view of Islam could make both our countries less safe.”

Clinton calls for U.S. ‘intelligence surge’ in wake of Orlando attack

WASHINGTON ( ) – Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton said on Monday that if elected, she would pressure U.S. technology companies to help intelligence agencies disrupt violent plots after a gunman inspired by radical Islamist groups killed 49 people in an Orlando nightclub.

In a speech in Cleveland, she articulated plans for expanded online surveillance of potential extremist attackers. She is campaigning against presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump ahead of the November presidential election.

“We already know we need more resources for this fight. The professionals who keep us safe would be the first to say we need better intelligence to discover and disrupt terrorist plots before they can be carried out,” Clinton said.

“That’s why I’ve proposed an ‘intelligence surge’ to bolster our capabilities across the board, with appropriate safeguards here at home.”

While Clinton did not detail what her effort would entail, she said she wants technology companies to be more cooperative to government requests for help in countering online propaganda, tracking patterns in social media and intercepting communications.

Clinton’s comments will likely further stoke an international debate over digital privacy, which has flared after attacks in Paris, Brussels and San Bernardino, California.

Omar Mateen, the 29-year-old Orlando shooter and a U.S. citizen, was likely inspired by jihadist content online, but there is not yet evidence that he was part of any plot directed by others outside the United States, FBI Director James Comey said Monday.

Facebook (FB.O), Alphabet’s Google (GOOGL.O) and Twitter (TWTR.N) have all dedicated more resources,夜上海419龙凤论坛Babette, ,上海新夜网龙凤Hallie,to combating online propaganda and recruiting by Islamic militants within the past year. But they do so quietly to avoid the perception that they are overly cozy with authorities.

The companies rely heavily on users to flag problematic content, which is impossible to eliminate completely without creating a highly censored Internet, according to technologists.

Counterterrorism experts have also long said so-called lone wolf attackers are difficult to track and stop because they often do not communicate their plans to others.

Twitter and Facebook had no immediate response to questions about上海夜生活论坛 Clinton’s comments. Google declined comment.

The Center for Democracy and Technology and Electronic Frontier Foundation, both digital advocacy groups, said they were ,上海021夜网Barrett,waiting for more specifics from Clinton before commenting.

Unlike Trump, Clinton did not call for blocking online content. She did not reiterate her previous push for a massive effort to break encryption, and she ruled out targeted surveillance of Muslim Americans as “dangerous.”

U.S. companies upbeat about business in Germany: survey

BERLIN ( ) – Some 82 percent of U.S. companies operating in Germany expect revenues to increase this year, a survey showed on Friday, despite a brewing trade conflict over the U.S. decision to impose tariffs steel and aluminum imports.

More than half of U.S. companies in the country want to hire extra employees and invest more, the poll published by the American Chamber of Commerce in Germany (AmCham Germany) showed.

President Donald Trump announced the tariffs last month, causing a global outcry. Germany, along with the rest of the European Union, has been exempted from the higher duties but so far only until May. 1, 2018.

The EU and other U.S. allies worry that the tariffs will limit the amount of their goods getting into the United States and they also fear steel barred from the United States will flood back into their markets, causing a glut.

The AmCham Germany survey found that 61 percent of the U.S. companies with operations i,上海夜哪里艳遇Fabi,n Germany want to boost their activity there in the coming three to four years.

German companies operating in the United States are also optimistic, with about 80 percent expecting rising revenues and 70 percent wanting to increase their activities there.

But they complained about a lack of planning secur上海夜生活ity in the United States, with just over half ,上海夜网千花Falkner,criticizing a lack o,上海夜生活群Jacob,f reliability in U.S. politics.

“The results show that both Germany and the USA are still highly valued locations for investment despite the current political discord,” said Bernhard Mattes, president of AmCham Germany.

“Germany attracts U.S. companies with its stable economy and strong domestic consumption. On the other side of the Atlantic measures like the U.S. tax reform have made the USA more attractive for German investors,” he added.

Earlier this year the United States slashed taxes for corporations and the wealthy while giving mixed, temporary tax relief to middle-class Americans under a $1.5 trillion reform.

On Thursday Germany’s leading economic institutes said that U.S. tariffs on steel and aluminum imports would not dampen German exports if the exemption granted to the EU expires on May 1 without a permanent solution.

Trump plays down post-Brexit market turmoil on Aberdeen visit

ABERDEEN, Scotland ( ) – U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump played 上海夜生活论坛down market turmoil in the wake of Brit,上海仙霞路夜生活Jace,ain’s decision to leave the European Union on a visit to his Trump International golf course in Aberdeen on Saturday.

Wearing an open-necked shirt, a suit and a white baseball cap with his slogan “Make America great again”, Trump was asked if he was worried about the volatility in financial markets following Britain’s vote to leave the EU on Thursday.

“There’s always turmoil no matter where you go, no matter what you do,” he said.

Global stock markets lost about $2 trillion in value on Friday after the vote, while sterling fell to a 31-year low.

Trump, whose mother,上海夜生活乌托邦Radley, was Scottish, was greeted b,上海夜生活群Oakley,y around a dozen protesters at the course waving Mexican flags, rainbow flags for Gay Pride day and signs that read “Donald stop the hating” and “Shame on you for ruining a beautiful landscape.”

Trump last year proposed a temporary ban on Muslims entering the United States as a response to Islamist attacks in Paris and California, causing a furor in Europe.

In an article in a Scottish newspaper earlier this year, Trump pointed to his determination to overcome local opposition to his golf course projects as an example of the leadership skills that Americans would get if he were to become president.

He also met with News Corporation media mogul Rupert Murdoch and his wife Jerry Hall, giving them a tour of the course in a golf cart.

When the U.S. goes it alone, what does the rest of the world do?

LONDON ( ) – Before the financial crisis hit more than a decade ago, the easy way to test the global outlook was to apply the maxim that when the U.S. sneezes the rest of the world catches a cold.

Much more relevant now is any potential illnesses from a bout of inward-looking U.S. policy, namely imposing tariffs on steel and aluminum imports while keeping natural trading allies in limbo on w,上海夜生活怎么玩Octavien,hether or not it applies to them.

So far, nobody has a clear diagnosis but financial markets have smelled a whiff of change in recent weeks. Conventional wisdom, simple maths and plenty of recent evidence shows reduced global trade leads to reduced economic activity.

That suggests the United States, even though its share of the world’s economic output shrinks as emerging markets keep expanding more quickly, could give the world economy a lot more than a cold, depending on how far the White House wants to push it.

After an extended period of ceding ground to most currencies, the U.S. dollar has surged in recent weeks as it became increasingly apparent to traders and investors that in more ways than one, ,上海夜网千花Octava,the U.S. appears to be going it alone.

Faced with a mostly solid expansion, very low unemployment and massive tax cuts just passed by Congress before the turn of the year, the Federal Reserve is now the only major central bank on a clear and certain path toward higher interest rates.

The U.S. is also the only economy among its industrialized peers that is both expanding rapidly and now generating around 2 percent inflation.

Not so for the euro zone, where a spurt of very strong economic activity in the second half of last year appears to be stabilizing in a lower gear, with inflation moving not toward the Europe上海夜生活an Central Bank’s target, but further away from it.

With its key interest rates on the floor, the ECB is still buying tens of billions of bonds a month in economic stimulus and its first rate rise won’t likely come until well into 2019.

The Bank of England now looks set to hold interest rates steady at 0.50 percent on May 10, a massive about-face from a position it had been drumming into financial markets until very recently – that it was likely going to raise them.

While Britain has its own challenges in how to minimize the economic strain from its decision to leave the European Union, the overall change in tune from the BoE, which also targets inflation at 2 percent, is striking.

It is a widely-held view outside the BoE that Britain’s recent bout of inflation was mainly a result of a rise in import prices after the sharp fall in sterling following the June 2016 referendum to leave the EU.

Before the BoE raised interest rates for the first time in this cycle in November, a strong majority of economists called that out as likely policy error.

For open economies – and that list of course still includes Britain – inflation pressure overall is primarily driven by global forces, not domestic ones.

It is also unusual for any one major central bank in a group of closely interconnected economies – through everything from shared consumer behavior to supply chains – to be the only one setting a certain kind of policy for an extended period.

That is one reason wh,上海仙霞路夜生活Talon,y it is concerning to many that the United States still appears to be leaping ahead with the Fed on a solid path to higher rates while many other economies are stumbling.

The latest polls of more than 500 economists around the globe suggest optimism remains, but the possibility of a U.S.-China trade war threatens to dampen the momentum now in place after years of staggering amounts of stimulus.

The latest signs of a slowdown in business activity in Europe and elsewhere are not worth worrying about yet, according to BNP Paribas chief market economist Paul Mortimer-Lee.

He is more concerned about the age of the current U.S. economic cycle, and the threat that next year, synchronized growth in the world economy turns into “synchronized slowdown”.

“All this, together with recent market signals, reinforce our long-standing, high-conviction and out-of-consensus call that 2019 will see a significant slowdown, led by the U.S.,” notes Mortimer-Lee.

“The risk is that supply shortages could bring this forward, and also give a bigger boost to inflation. But we should not get too carried away with recent data, which have several characteristics of a current soft patch, not a bog.”

Saudi Aramco appoints first woman to the board

DUBAI ( ) – Saudi Aramco, the world’s top oil company which is preparing to go public, said on Sunday it has appointed new members to its board including a female executive, a milestone for Saudi Arabia and the oil industry where there are few women executives.

The appointments, which bring in more international experience, come as the Saudi government plans to float around 5 percent of Aramco in an initial public offering (IPO) – the world’s largest – later this year or early 2019.

Saudi Arabian Minister of Finance Mohammed al-Jadaan and Minister of Economy and Planning Mohammed al-Tuwaijri were appointed as members of the board of directors, Aramco said in a statement.

They are joined by Lynn Laverty Elsenhans, the former chairwoman, president and CEO of U.S. oil refiner Sunoco Inc. (SUN.N) from 2008 to 2012.

Other new members also include Peter Cella, former president & CEO of Chevron Phillips Chemical Co. LP, and Andrew Liveris, director of DowDuPont Inc, and the CEO of the Dow Chemical Company. Liveris’s appointment is effective as of July 1, Aramco said.

The five new members of Aramco’s board will join six returning members including Sau,上海夜网推油Paige,di Energy Minister Khalid al-Falih, who is also Aramco’s chairman, and Amin Nasser, Aramco’s CEO. Minister of State Ibrahim al-Assaf and Managing Director of the government-owned Public Investment Fund (PIF) Yasir al-Rumayyan also remain on the board.

The outgoing board members are Majid Al-Moneef, advisor to the Saudi Royal Court; Khaled al-Sultan, Rector of King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals; and Peter Woicke, former managing director of the World Bank and former vice president of the International Finance Corporation.

Appointment decisions to the new 11-member board of directors are made by the Saudi government.


Elsenhans was named by Forbes as one of the world’s most powerful women in 2008. Prior to her role at Sunoco, Elsenhans was the executive vice p上海夜网resident of global manufacturing for Royal Dutch Shell (RDSa.L), where she worked for more than 28 years.

She also served on Baker Hughes’,夜上海论坛Oakley,s board of directors from 2012 to July 2017 and sits on the board of GlaxoSmithKline (GSK.L).

Only a handful of Saudi women are appointed to the board of major Saudi companies but that is slowly changing in the conservative kingdom, where women are subject to a male guardianship system which in many cases restricts their opportunities to work.

Last year, the Saudi Stock Exchange appointed Sarah Al-Suhaimi, as its first fema,上海夜生活乌托邦Nadia,le chair. She was the first woman to chair a major government financial institution in the kingdom.

In 2004, Lubna Olayan became the first woman to be elected to the board of Saudi Hollandi Bank, now called Alawwal Bank 1040.SE. In 2006, Lubna was one of four new appointments by PIF to the board of Ma’aden (1211.SE), the Gulf’s largest miner.

The Olayan family controls one of Saudi Arabia’s largest conglomerates.

Wall Street falls on investor nerves about interest rates, tech

NEW YORK ( ) – Wall Street’s three major indexes declined on Friday as investors worried about a jump in U.S. bond yields, with technology stocks leading the decline on nerves about upcoming earnings reports and iPhone demand.

The technology index .SPLRCT was the biggest drag on the S&P 500 with a 1.5 percent drop after registering three straight days of losses ahead of a key earnings week for the sector.

“There continues to be some concern over interest rates and their potential impact on equities. There’s also been a little bit of a lack of momentum in this earnings period,” said Rick Meckler, president of investment firm LibertyView Capital Management in Jersey City, New Jersey.

“It’s not that earnings weren’t good enough but company forecasts often weren’t strong enough to make the market continue to rise,” he said.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average .DJI fell 202.09 points, or 0.82 percent, to 24,462.8, the S&P 500 .SPX lost 22.98 points, or 0.85 percent, to 2,670.15 and the Nasdaq Composite .IXIC dropped 91.93 points, or 1.27 percent, to 7,146.13.

Despite Friday’s decline the S&P eked out a gain of 0.5 percent for the week to show its second weekly gain in a row.

Equity investors were jittery as the 10-year Treasury yield US10YT=RR reached its highest level since January 2014 as a bond selloff continued for a second day, driving the yield curve steeper after two weeks of flattening. [US/]

Benchmark 10-year notes US10YT=RR last fell 12/32 in price to,上海高端夜生活在那里Ida, yield 2.9583 percent, from 2.914 percent Thursday.

When yields are high, investors favor bonds over equities including sectors such as co上海夜网nsumer staples and real estate, which p,上海夜网Nadine,romise high dividends and slow, predictable growth. But high interest rates can boost bank profits so the financial sector managed to show a 0.05 percent gain, making it the best performer out of the S&P’s 11 industry sectors.

The consumer staples sector .SPLRCS was the biggest percentage decliner with a 1.7 percent fall, led by PepsiCo (PEP.O).

“We’re seeing a follow through from yesterday’s action when the key was weakness in consum,上海夜网后花园Tabitha,er staples. We came to this earnings season with very optimistic expectations and we’re seeing some very fundamental bottoms up issues at these companies,” said Michael O’Rourke, chief market strategist at JonesTrading in Greenwich, Connecticut.

Procter & Gamble (PG.N) fell 2.9 percent on top of a 4.2 percent drop the day before when it said shrinking retailer inventories and higher costs squeezed its margins.

Philip Morris International (PM.N) also had a second day of declines after getting crushed due to weak shipment volumes in its quarterly report.

Apple (AAPL.O) fell 4.1 percent, making it the biggest drag on the major indexes after Morgan Stanley estimated weak demand for its latest iPhones, a day after Taiwan Semiconductor (2330.TW) raised fears of softer smartphone sales.

Alphabet (GOOGL.O), Facebook (FB.O), Intel (INTC.O) and Microsoft (MSFT.O) are among the major technology companies reporting next week.

S&P 500 companies are expected to report their strongest first-quarter profit gains in seven years. Of the 87 companies that have reported so far, 79.3 percent have topped profit expectations, according to Thomson I/B/E/S.

Declining issues outnumbered advancing ones on the NYSE by a 2.05-to-1 ratio; on Nasdaq, a 1.68-to-1 ratio favored decliners.

The S&P 500 posted 12 new 52-week highs and 22 new lows; the Nasdaq Composite recorded 54 new highs and 51 new lows.

On U.S. exchanges 6.45 billion shares changed hands compared to the 6.92 billion average for the last 20 trading days.

Sprouts ended Amazon Prime Now delivery partnership on May 1

LOS ANGELES ( ) – Sprouts Farmers Market Inc (SFM.O) said on Thursday it ended its Prime Now delivery partnership with Amazon.com (AMZN.O) on May 1 and cut its full-year sales targets, sending shares of the U.S. supermarket chain down almost 12 percent.

The partnership was struck before Amazon bought rival specialty grocery Whole Foods Market for $13.7 billion last summer. Amazon Prime Now had delivered from 15 of its 298 Sprouts stores.

“The transition will impact comps for the next several quarters, but we remain very confident about growing our home delivery business as it brings a unique health and value proposition to our customers,” Chief Executive Amin Maredia said on a conference call with investors.

Sprouts will continue to deliver groceries through Instacart, a relationship it started at the ,上海足浴夜网联系方式Rae,beginning of the year, and expand that to its major markets.

Amazon Prime Now provides f,上海夜哪里艳遇Barbara,ree delivery, with some restrictions, for subscribers of Amazon’s $99 Prime service that also offers free video strea,上海夜生活男人好去处Lake,ming and other perks. Instacart users in Los Angeles pay a delivery fee of $5.99 to $7.99 at Sprouts, or can choose to pay a $149 membership fee.

Sprouts also cut its full-year sales forecasts.

Its new net sales forecast calls for growth in the range of 10.5 percent to 11.5 percent versus 11.5 percent to 12.5 percent previously.

For same-store sales, it forecast a rise of 1.5 percent to 2.5 percent versus 2.5 percent to 3.5 percent previously.

Shares in Sprouts fell 13 percent to $21.22 shortly before the close of trading.上海夜生活论坛